How it works

1. Pick an app project

You'll receive a variety of projects every month!

2. Type the app's code

Get free access to the Bitsbox coding site and create as many coding accounts as you need. (Hint: siblings!)

3. Share and play your apps!

The apps kids build with Bitsbox work on any device! 

Why was Bitsbox voted the #1 STEM box for kids?

Learn the language of the 21st century

Bitsbox was created by two ex-Google engineers who wanted to teach their kids how to code, but weren’t happy with the tools available.

With Bitsbox, kids are able to create the games they love, instead of just play them. Kids write the code for Bitsbox apps using real JavaScript, the language developers all over the world use. 

In fact, today's most well-known websites like Facebook and Google were built using JavaScript.

The perfect STEM activity for kids ages 6-12

Imagine your kids begging to do an after-school activity like Bitsbox, instead of just watching TV! 

Bitsbox coders can build their first app within minutes. This gives kids a sense of accomplishment and a can-do attitude that keeps them coming back for more!

Building and playing their own apps is so fun that it keeps kids engaged for hours!

Each month comes with a dozen beautifully designed project cards delivered in the mail. And what kid doesn’t love mail?! Because Bitsbox is like getting a present in the mail, a kid’s excitement to code is reignited month after month.

Whether your kid wants to paint a digital picture with robots or send a cow to Mars, Bitsbox has an app project that fits their interests!

Choose your subscription

Basic Bitsbox

from $24.95/month

A dozen app projects and a nifty binder to keep them organized!

Deluxe Bitsbox

from $37.95/month

Everything that comes in the Basic Bitsbox, plus extra projects & goodies!

Digital Bitsbox

from $16.95/month

A PDF download of the app projects!

Pssssst! FCOL is good for $25 off any subscription purchase of $50 or more!

Learn to code the Bitsbox way

Learning to program is just like learning any language. The earlier you start, the easier it is. Kids can use Bitsbox as soon as they can read and write.

Code is a language

Bitsbox uses simple commands to create cool apps that really work.

Short and sweet

People learn hard things by imitation and repetition. Bitsbox kids learn to code by copying apps and making them their own.

Monkey see, monkey do

"No other coding platform approaches coding like learning a new language. Bitsbox is the best out there - teach your kids to LOVE to code!"

- Sandro

"My two girls love Bitsbox! They coded for 2 hours yesterday and another 2 hours tonight. Time on electronics I don't mind being a part of!"

- Terry

"Just got our first Bitsbox and my daughter (7) has blasted through the whole box of activities. She's even tweaked them to add sounds, movement, and extra features. We use Scratch and Blockly so  I was a little worried about the transition to Javascript, but she's really taken to it. Can't wait for next month!"

- Larissa

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